what we do.

fliprl (93694792 Quebec Inc.) is a Human Computer Interaction studio based in Montreal, Canada. We are actively producing and serving R&D projects in the fields of sensing, haptics, algorithms, human experiments, human motion, UXR and prototyping.


We offer custom solutions on HCI for industry, academia and artists.
Our studio disposes of motion capture labs and an electronics lab.


Sensor requirements, bring-up, validation against ground truth, trade-off analysis, calibration, statistical analysis, stress tests, performance characterization, artefacts identification, signal noise evaluations.


Feedback requirements, multimodal signal design, perceptual thresholding, vibrotactile feedback, whole body vibrations, interface sensitivity, secondary sensitivities, trade-offs, safety, audio and movement enhancement.


Prediction filters, detection, tracking, mapping, classification, segmentation, clustering, multi-modal analysis, filters, signal representations, signal visualization, signal treatment.

User Experience

Onboarding, A/B testing, narratives and mental model design, metric design, evaluation, iterative prototyping, qualitative and quantitative analysis, UI validation, user recruitment. Languages: English and French.


Experiment design (stimuli, control, verbal commands, randomization), setup, and execution, data analysis, learnability/effort/reproducibility studies, false positive/negative identification and mitigation.

Natural Movement Processing

Human motion measurements, motor performance analysis, motion modeling, multi-modal analysis, motion representation and visualization, gesture vocabulary and design.

working with us.

We believe in the power of customization: we deliver unique solutions for your unique project. We love to hear from clients and get to the bottom of their concern or need.

We concentrate our minds on simple yet powerful ideas that can make interaction compelling and magic.

Have a project you'd like to collaborate on? Let's talk. Reach us at fliprlsensing AT ieee.org.

Our collaboration starts with a great discussion with the client. After interacting with the client, understanding their project and needs, we create the proposal for an end-to-end solution. Upon agreement, we start building solutions and periodic reports to the clients. We like to maintain a close loop with our clients.

We are not taking on tool development.

consulting team.

Carolina Brum (founder)

Sensing and algorithms engineer.
PhD, McGill University (Canada) Carolina Brum by Vanessa Yaremchuk

Emma Frid

Haptics and algorithms engineer.
PhD, KTH (Sweden) Emma Frid

Mailis Rodrigues

UX researcher and creative prototyper.
PhD, McGill University (Canada) Mailis Rodrigues


Novel sensing and algorithms for analyzing and modeling motion on behavioural sciences and interactive technology.

We develop non-intrusive technology, such as radar, smart textiles, and touch sensors for analyzing, modeling and predicting motion, particularly on animal-environment interaction, human-object interaction and human-robot interaction.

Assistive technology for neurodiverse users.

Having sensing, algorithms, and artificial intelligence as technological tools and user experiments as guidelines, we build executive assistance to help neurodiverse users in their everyday life.

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